Data and technology is great, when it works. Home or business, we can help. Laptops, printers, desktop computers are in every home and it can be very time consuming to fix. We understand how important your device is to your life. Our experience can help keep you running, saving time and money.

Windows updates or E-Mail problems

Call us! We can fix your computer problems. Sometimes Microsoft Windows doesn’t update correctly, Let us help you with your problem. With over 10 Years of computer experience, we can get the job done.

On site pickup and delivery

We offer fast service. If it’s a home computer or device, we can come to your home, disconnect the cords, and bring it back and reconnect when we are done. It can get confusing hooking everything back up, we’re here to help!

Data integrity

Keeping data safe is our goal. Having additional copies of your data is crucial. Be prepared for when something goes wrong.

You need to have 3 copies!

Everyone tries to keep copies, maybe an external hard drive that you copy your pictures to every chance you remember. When something happens, are you sure it will work?

We offer a service similar to Dropbox that can use most applications to copy your data to our servers. There are options to drag and drop your files from your desktop, or schedule a service to automate the process.

Repair Services

  • Home, Cabin or Business
  • Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Phone
  • Internet, E-Mail, Windows, Software
  • Diagnose, Update, Fix or Repair
  • Data Backup